All Access Health Coaching

The foundation, knowledge, & support to achieve any personal fitness goals. Receive 24/7 comprehensive support and training programs tailor-made for you that teach the when & how & why of fitness. All Access Health Coaching includes  workout changes, nutrition coaching, full access to online training, custom nutritional assessment & meal planning, goal planning, & habit tracking through the Xena Training App. Stop guessing if you're doing it right; get results.

  • 24/7 Daily Access To Coach For One-on-One Assistance

  • Daily Habit Tracking, Goal Accountability, Modifications, & Progress Reviews

  • Full Nutritional Profile, Tracking, Accountability, Monthly Assessment, & Comprehensive Meal Planning Services.

  • Unlimited Workouts & Weekly Custom Workout Program & Ongoing Adjustments

  • Weekly Lifting Form Video Assessments & Correction

  • Weekly Mindfulness Reflection, Breakdown, & Integration

  • Monthly Fitness Assessment, Movement Screen, & Body Composition Analysis

  • Personal & Community Fitness Resource Library - FAQs, Guides, Templates, Instructionals, & Recipes, etc.

  • Online Exercise Video Library, Instructions & Access to App

  • Progression Calendar - Short & Long Term Planning