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Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive Answers

How does virtual personal training work?

Unlike most online training there is a live human interacting with all clients, and every workout and meal plan is customized. We can use an iOS/Android coaching platform, PDFs , Skype, FaceTime, Email, and/or text messages to communicate creating a lot of freedom in what can be accomplished in our "long distance relationship". We are focused on making the simplest and most effective approach possible. Workouts are designed for your fitness experience so you will never get bored or complacent. Virtual coaching can be done at your convenience from wherever you are and allows delivery of what’s needed for the client and individualized support to help clients stay adherent to their goals.

Will online personal training actually help me reach my goals?

There is no secret trainer hack to a better body. Body confidence and fitness success comes from proven, research-driven methods. XFT was built with the foremost goal of promoting long-term behavior, healthy lifestyle change, and results. XFT uses a carefully developed model that integrates all of the most current research and evidence based practices from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Eating, and Positive Psychology, to Behavioral Medicine, Health Psychology, and Coaching Psychology. Many online trainers sell baseless programs without the ability to accommodate or address the needs of a broader population. The proliferation of generalized and erroneous advice means many people have been duped into fads, gimmicks or tricks looking for instant gratification and immediate results. Without custom progressive workouts and balanced nutrition you will likely continue to struggle to realize your goals. XFT programs are made for you, because one-size-fits-all does not exist. We account for all acute variables (volume, frequency, intensity, recovery) & exercises. Everything that makes a workout effective is specific to your needs. No more empty promises, bogus research, general confusion & complacency

What does the weekly process look like?

Once you fill out your application or reserve your spot. You’ll also get access to the XFT app, you will need to fill out another questionnaire about your diet, schedule, and where you are currently at measurement-wise, and then we will get started creating your program. We will work together to co-create a plan, which consists of new behaviors, goals and commitments, as well as explore potential obstacles and limiting beliefs. Then it's just a process of closing the gap from where you are and where you really want to be. The methods and frequency of your check-ins with your coach are determined by the XFT service plan you choose and your preferences. Together we’ll address any successes, opportunities, and challenges that you experience and decide what steps you'll take. You can send text messages or videos to your coach anytime in between. As a team we will continue celebrating your wins, learning, and progress.

How long does it take to get my program after I join?

Usually clients receive their entire custom program 7-10 days after they apply. Upon admittance, you’ll immediately receive our Bodyweight Strength & Conditioning Program. We prefer to get all clients motivated and fully engaged in their program as soon as possible!All new client assessments will be loaded and reviewed within 3 days from enrollment, at which time your coach can begin your custom program. Sometimes, a new client has highly specific needs or conditions that may take an extra 2-4 days to nail down.

Do you offer In-Person Training?

No, we are not currently taking In-Person clients.

What kind of person hires a coach?

We coach smart, successful people who want to thrive, and who know they want to be healthier and happier, but realize that they don't have the knowledge or training to keep doing it all. XFT can assist clients at any level, support them as they progress, and teach them how to sustain those results even after we stop working together. Whether it's because of life transition, out of balance priorities or too much stress, many clients are caught in a cycle of highs and lows: feeling hopeless, skipping self-care practices, emotional eating, and straight up not living up to their potential. It doesn't have to be this way. If you are feeling burned out, if you are lacking structure or accountability, if you are doing the same routines or exercises and not seeing any changes make the decision today to become a happier, healthier, & more energized version of yourself.

I’ve always wanted to (do the splits/run a 10k/do a handstand/levitate). Can this coaching help me?

Yes! We have clients across the spectrum of goals. Whether you are a dancer, training for your next race, or want to start kickboxing lessons (or all of the above.) your coach will integrate customized workouts into your routine, & modify them to complement anything you aim to do.

What if I don't go to a gym and workout at home?

Each program is based on what you have available. Whether you go to the gym or not, your coach will build the program with all of your equipment in mind. If you are training exclusively at home, we do encourage clients to invest in resistance bands.Your XFT program will also account for any other fitness apparatus or activities you have available. If you’re traveling, your XFT coach will stay with you delivering the same guidance, motivation, workouts, and tips.

What if I have an injury?

We cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or mechanical malalignment. Within our scope of practice, we will work with you to create programs that limit or avoid stress to the affected site. Your coach can also develop corrective exercise strategies to assist rehabilitation, correct over/underactive musculature, and improve mobility joint stabilization, connective tissue strength, efficiency, flexibility, and functionality. It will all depend on the type of injury and the stage of healing.

I’m a client, can I call and ask my trainer questions at any time?

We strongly encourage client and trainer communication! XFT clients all have the ability to instant message their trainer right from the mobile app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Based on your XFT service plan, phone and video calls can be scheduled as well. We strive to deliver the highest level of service. XFT coaches are assigned by compatibility and train only a small number of clients. This allows us to engage with each individual client at a higher level.

Why do I need a customized workout program?

When it comes to realizing a physical goal, you cannot be successful without specificity, consistency, evaluation, & progression. Whether your goal is aesthetic, health, strength or performance based, you will need a phased progressive plan composed of customized workouts. If you are not addressing the specific needs of your body, then you are not capitalizing on the time you spend trying to help yourself. The principle of specificity, often referred to as the SAID (specific adaptation to imposed demands) principle, states that every body will specifically adapt to the type of demand placed on it. For example, if someone repeatedly lifts heavy weights, that person will produce higher levels of maximal strength. Conversely, if a person repeatedly lifts lighter weights for many repetitions, that person will develop higher levels of muscular endurance. But, as the muscle becomes more adapted to the presented stimulus, it will require greater intensities & more specific overloads to continue to produce results. Additionally, many people experience tightness, pain, and compensation patterns from their muscles and joints not functioning as they should. Compensation patterns will only work for so long before something more serious breaks down. The weakest link in your kinetic chain often ends up suffering the injury. A good training program utilizes different types of strength and different systems of training to create more individualized results and systematic progress. It is your coach’s job to consistently evaluate the need to manipulate your exercise routine to meet actual training goals, to identify and correct associative Movement Dysfunctions, restore Biomechanical Integrity, and improve Movement Quality. All XFT programs provide a variety of intensities and stresses to optimize the adaptation of each tissue and limit the risk of injury. A training program is the only way you’re ever going to be able to sculpt the physique of your personal dreams. This plan can be put together in the moment, or planned months in advance; but it has to conform to certain exercise principles. If it does not, you are not working hard towards your goal, you’re just working. That being said, when you do it correctly working out is an awesome gift you can give to yourself. It’s personal time and social time. It’s an opportunity to better yourself and to learn about yourself. It’s an outlet and a confidence booster. The list goes on and on.

Will my program include nutrition counseling?

Yes! Health coaching clients all have access to nutritional education and personalized meal planning. We are very careful to integrate your nutritional plan with your existing habits and workouts. XFT tailored nutritional support grows your knowledge & skills around food, so you can fuel yourself adequately and feel your best. Depending upon the client and the goals, we also map out a full scale supplementation plan.

What kind of diets are you familiar with?

We have had clients who are vegan, vegetarian, high carb, low carb, gluten free, and we are prepared to deal with different allergies. Everyone's body is different, so we provide guidance that addresses your individual and specific needs.

Will my program include mindfulness?

Yes! Your coach can create a mindfulness plan for you and act as your accountability partner! You’ll stay motivated and on track while we address all your questions and concerns as you deepen your practice. This is about you as a person not your exercise.

I’m a client, may I post my workout videos or photos to the XFT Facebook and Instagram?

Yes! In fact, we highly encourage and sometimes reward XFT clients for being active on XFT’s social media platforms and sharing XFT updates on their personal social media platforms. Feel free to share your journey, workouts, meals, and results. You may get reposted or even win a prize!

How does XFT's pricing compare other options?

On average, personal training costs range from $60 per hour and can cost as much as $90 per hour. Xena Fitness provides the most flexible & cost-effective programs to reach your specific fitness goals. Aside from being more affordable, many personal training solutions don’t address your nutrition, your mental attitude, or assign accountability. We can offer this comprehensive individualized approach at a lower cost because of our streamlined process, simplified system, custom app, and passionate coaches. ALL ACCESS FITNESS COACHING $575 Get guaranteed results with a handmade-for-you workout program, daily ongoing support, one-on-one motivation, & guidance from a certified personal trainer. INDEPENDENT STUDY (Workouts, Weekly Habits, & Coaching) $299 All-inclusive Remote System Features 1-on-1 Accountability & Tracking, Custom Workouts, Habits, Nutrition Coaching, & Mindfulness. CUSTOM TRAINING PLANS (Workouts) $179 Your ideal body; but still workout when & where you want.

Is there a refund policy?

Results are 100% Guaranteed. Xena Fitness is committed to your goals & offers a money back guarantee.

Can I change my XFT membership plan level?

Yes. You may change the level of your program at any time. Simply message your coach through the app and they can assist you.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, but we would hate to see you go!

How is XFT related to The Xena Foundation?

The Xena Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization that was founded by XFT’s owner, Allanah Whitehall. The Xena Foundation works to champion an equitable community and to uphold every person’s right thrive. The program areas that support the Xena Foundation’s mission are X = exercise, E = education, N = nature, A = art. XFT saw how it could make a difference after witnessing the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BIPOC and economically disadvantaged communities. Research revealed that barriers remain for people needing affordable, accessible, supported physical exercise options to support the recommendations provided by their physicians and medical care providers. The Xena Fitness Project is the first program launched by The Xena Foundation. Our partnership will allow XFT to provide free services, and connect referred clients with resources, action plans, expert 1-on-1 oversight, and other unique individual solutions needed to fight disease. The Xena Fitness Project is tailored to fight chronic disease by making the highest quality of structured, individualized personal training and health coaching services accessible to people who are most at-risk and most in need.

How much money does XFT donate?

40% of XFT’s net profits are donated to The Xena Foundation. Buy choosing XFT for your fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness coaching you are also making these important and life enriching services available to an economically disadvantaged person in need of support managing their chronic illness.