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XFT's Comprehensive Method Gets the Results That You Seek

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Undergo a full evaluation & in-depth questionnaire analyzing your fitness, habits, goals, & lifestyle. Your coach will contact you to discuss what you’ve tried so far, where you are now, and where you want to be.

Get a handmade-for-you program and workout when & where you want with daily ongoing support, one-on-one guidance from your coach. You’ll stay motivated, educated & inspired as your coach addresses all your questions & concerns as you deepen your practice.

Spend as little as 20 minutes on your workout.  Your coach will make your plan fit in your daily life,  adjust to any situation & any equipment. You’ll share your hopes, dreams, fears, & superpower desires.  We’re on your team: there is no information to big or too small to share with your advisor.

Simply wake up and check into your app. You’ll see messages from your coach, assigned workouts, daily nutrition targets, & activities for the day. Workouts include specific text & video instructions, past performances & upcoming goals for every exercise & every workout. Just follow along.

Walk into the gym and know exactly your goal and the way to get there. What muscles  exercises, sets, reps, and weight you’re working and why. Quit your temporary solutions, & commit to something better.

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XFT  is making service accessible to one individual experiencing or at-risk for chronic disease for every purchased  health coaching or custom workout program.