Independent Study Health Coaching

Harness your strength & create healthy habits specifically for your individual goals. Get 1-on-1 coaching so you have complete confidence in how you can win your goals. Independent Study Health Coaching includes weekly workout changes, nutrition coaching, full access to online training, custom nutritional assessment & meal planning, goal planning,& habit tracking through the Xena Training App. Get in the best shape of your life with a personal coach & tailored program.

  • Daily Access To Coach For One-on-One Assistance

  • Daily Habit Tracking, Goal Accountability, Modifications, & Progress Reviews

  • Full Nutritional Profile, Tracking, Accountability, Monthly Assessment, & Comprehensive Meal Planning Services. Unlimited Workouts & Weekly Custom Workout Program & Ongoing Adjustments

  • Personalized Mindfulness Instruction & 1-On-1 Check-Ins

  • Weekly Lifting Form Video Assessments & Correction

  • Weekly Mindfulness Reflection, Breakdown, & Integration

  • Monthly Fitness Assessment, Movement Screen, & Body Composition Analysis

  • Personal & Community Fitness Resource Library - FAQs, Guides, Templates, Instructionals, & Recipes, etc.

  • Online Exercise Video Library, Instructions & Access to App

  • Progression Calendar - Short & Long Term Planning