Xena Fitness & Training Programs

Young woman using letteral pulldown machine

Custom Training Plans


  • ​​​Unlimited Custom Workouts

  • Monthly Fitness Assessment & Movement Screen

  • ​​Monthly Workout Progressions & Ongoing Adjustments

  • ​​Monthly Lifting Form Video Assessments & Correction

  • ​​Online Exercise Video Library, Instructions & Access to App

  • And more...

Young woman doing medicine ball exercises

Independent Study Fitness Coaching


  • Weekly 1-on-1 Review with Coach 

  • Daily Habit Tracking, Modifications, and Progress Reviews

  • Weekly ​Lifting Form Video Assessments and Correction

  • Nutritional Profile, Tracking, & Support

  • Personalized Mindfulness Instruction 

  • ​Personal & Community Resource Library 

  • ​All the benefits of the Custom Training Plan and more...

Young man doing an abdominal exercise using TRX bands

All Access Health Coaching


  • ​​​24/7 ​Daily Access To 1-on-1 Coaching

  • ​​​​Progression Calendar Planning

  • Unlimited Workouts and Weekly Custom Workout Program with Ongoing Adjustments

  • Full Nutritional Profile, Tracking, Monthly Assessment, and Meal Planning Services

  • Weekly Mindfulness Reflection, Breakdown, and Integration

  • ​Monthly Fitness Assessment, Movement Screen, and Body Composition Analysis​​

  • All the benefits of Independent Study and more...